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Keeping alive memories of the past

Specialist importer of classic racing motorcycles
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Image by Hello I'm Nik


The Japanese have a way with words that converse so much more than a single word can ever express. So when they dedicate themselves to keeping the very fondest of memories alive thats 'Natsukashii', the passion of 'keeping alive memories of the past'. 


We are no different here, we will never let classic racing motorcycles be forgotten. We love the sounds, we love the smell, we love the competition and the emotion. We are Natsukashii Racing and we are 'keeping alive memories of the past'.

Natsukashii Racing logo
Image by Milan Csizmadia

Dan Sayle joins the Natsukashii  team

Dan Sayle, 8x Isle of Man TT winner, joins the team for the 2023 season and beyond.

Dan will be riding one of our RS125 NF4`s at every round of this years championship and we are truly stoked to have him onboard. To celebrate we are going to get as many NF4`s out on track as possible, so look out for some CRMC eligible bikes being listed at exclusive to CRMC member prices.

Good luck Dan.

Tom S.

Christopher has been unbelievably helpful throughout the purchase of the bike, and despite some unforeseen circumstances with the shipping from Japan during Covid-19 along the way, has delivered an even better machine than I was hoping for!

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