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Natsukashii Racing was founded with one very simple objective, to keep classic racing motorcycles alive and running for the enjoyment of all. Focusing primarily on 2 strokes machines from the 1970s, 1980s and early 1990s. Our philosophy is simple too, it's the racing community that keeps classic machines on track so it's a community spirit that drives everything we do. When you purchase your dream race bike from Natsukashii Racing you become a part of the family, you will be treated the way we would like to be treated and ultimately looked after as well as is humanly possible. Quite often parts are supplied to our bike customers at reduced cost, again confirming our commitment to building a community of like minded racers.

Meet the Natsukashii Racing Team.....

Image by Baptiste DAVID



UK callers 07879 328806

International clallers +44 7879328806

WhatsApp +44 7879 328806

Messenger +44 7879 328806


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Great question and more important than it might at first appear, let's not forget that many of these classic racing machines are approaching 50 years old now.  We source our machines worldwide through a network of hand picked and experienced agents based in North America, Japan, Europe and Australasia. Originality is our main buying criteria, there are an awful lot of classic machines out there that are nothing more than cobbled together parts bin specials which proport to be the 100% real deal only to discover they have the wrong engine fitted or something even worse. Our second criteria for buying is condition, this is especially crucial when we buy bikes from Japan as the climate there will reduce a decent machine to full on restoration project in no time at all. We will not bring a machine into stock that has been left to the ravages of climate, no matter how "cheap" they may appear, they are a false economy. So committed are we to only sourcing the cream of the crop that we routinely turn down 80% of the machines we are offered because they just do not make the grade.

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