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Who we sponsor and why

Importing and selling classic race bikes is not the only thing we do, not by a long way. We actively promote classic bike racing wherever we can. We sponsor Championships, provide parts and accessories to participants of these championships at heavily subsidised prices, saving them money, and we even get a Big Name rider for each season too. This year (2023) we have secured the services of the mega talented Dan Sayle to ride one of the Natsukashii Racing bikes. Dan is an 8 times Isle of Man TT winner on two wheels and three, not only is Dan a TT winning solo rider he also passengers a sidecar outfit with "Mr TT Sidecar" himself Dave Molyneaux.

Classic Racing Motorcycle Club

Natsukashii Racing are delighted to be the title sponsor of the Post Classic 125cc Honda RS125 NF4 1987-1989 (9f) and the 1990-1994 (9g) classes. We have built our reputation on the NF4 machines and there couldn`t be a better place for us to provide our support. 

Fancy having a race with us? We have eligible bikes available.

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