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1990 Yamaha TZ250A ( 3TC )
EX - Dennis Trollope IOM TT

£ 12,500

Oh so pretty.!!!

This is a very well know machine amongst the Reverse Cylinder Yamaha fraternity. It is the actual bike ridden by Dennis Trollope in the Isle of Man TT races. The bike has had the full Dennis treatment including the often imitated Dennis Trollope 4DP cylinder conversion, ensuring not only a touch more usable power but also means there is no stress involved in sourcing pistons. In addition to the cylinder upgrades the bike boasts a bespoke Tony Green exhaust system and an ex-works factory rear wheel with cush drive, the standard 3TC did not have a cush drive in the rear wheel and was know to break gearboxes as a result. The clutch basket is new OEM with new disc and plates.

The bike has been subject to a very extensive recommissioning as you can see from the photographs which included a full crank rebuild. It has run only once since the rebuild at Cadwell Park and is ready to race. Both the frame and engine numbers match.

Nice reverse cylinder bikes are getting very hard to find and have a devoted following so we do not expect this bike to hang around.

1992 Honda RS250R NF5


OH WOW, just WOW!!

Incredible, freshly restored Upside Down Fork model NF5

Previously supplied by ourselves and has undergone a complete nut and bolt restoration in the new owners hands, including a full gearbox and crank rebuild. Every seal and bearing on the bike is new, the seat unit, fairing and front mudguard are also brand new. It has covered zero miles since the rebuild and wants for nothing.

Finished in the truly stunning 1992 Suzuka 8hr Cup Noodle colours as raced by Takuma Aoki which really makes this bike pop. We are sure you`ll agree that this paintwork works beautifully on the NF5`s curves.

The 1992 RS250R NF5 was the last year of production for the NF5 which had been around for almost a decade. Honda did their usual upgrades every year and in 1992 the most significant of those was the introduction of the upside down forks. Honda had planned to roll out a single sided swing arm for the 1992 bike but this was held back for the NX5 model which came along in 1993, we have a beautifully restored one of those too.


You will be extremely hard pushed to find a better example of the most desirable upside down fork 1992 RS250R anywhere. Be quick on this one or  rue the day you missed it forever.

1996 RS125R NX4


There is something a little different under the skin of this little NX4. All the electronics are marked as 1998 and it has the 1998 Power Jet carb fitted too. There is no engine number ( not unusual as the crank cases get changed over time ) and it looks to be the much more powerful 1998 engine too. The previous owner has been running the bike with a total loss ignition and it comes with the original stator if you wanted to switch it back to standard ignition. the bike is also fitted with a detonation counter. All in all a well sorted little machine.

This bike is currently at our site in Japan and will be in the next container bound for the UK. Price is inclusive of all shipping costs, UK VAT, International Taxes, Customs Fees, Import Duty and UK mainland Delivery.

1985 Honda RS125R ND4


What a pretty little bike.

The bike is fresh from an very comprehensive refurbishment programme. the engine has had a full refresh including a crank rebuld, it has covered zero miles since. We could wax lyrically about the virtues of the steel framed ND4 bikes but on this occasion we will let the photographs speak for them selves.

This bike is in the UK and available immediately.

1990 Honda RS125R NF4


What a cracker!!

Absolutely beautiful bike, all original and sourced from a private collector with a Honda Customer GP bike obsession. Very rarely do you find unmolested machines so we are very proud to be able to offer bikes of this calibre. This bike also benefits from having been fitted with the ultra desirable Technomagnesio wheels. A truly lovely bike in need of a dedicated new home. Honda completely dominated the 1990 World Championship, Honda riders were placed 1st ( Loris Capirossi ), 2nd,3rd,4th,5th,7th,8th and 10th that year all riding NF4s.


This bike is in the UK and available immediately.

1988 Honda RS125R NF4


A word of warning if we may. If you are looking for a 1988 RS125R you absolutely must check the back of the head-stock for a crack. Honda`s order book for 1988 ( following the NF4s success in 1987 ) was overflowing. As a result they subcontracted the casting of the head-stock on more than half of the bikes built and the end result was a sub-standard casting that cracks all too easily, effectively turning those bikes into a parts donor. After all, who`d want to race a bike with a split frame?? We never, ever, buy those bikes. we only buy Honda cast bikes and this one is really nice. The bike is CRMC eligible for the post classic 125cc championship which we are the title sponsors for, so plenty of on track backup if you need it.


This bike is in the UK and available immediately.

1983 Honda RS125R ND4


Quite possibly the very last remaining Brand New and unused RS125R on the planet!!

It goes without saying this is an unrepeatable opportunity to own a steel frame era HRC machine that is untouched from the day it left the factory. Absolutely every square millimetre of this bike is 100% factory original. Being hyper critical the exhaust end can has taken a knock at some point in the bikes 40 year history and one of the frame welds has very light oxidisation, but lets no be too harsh on the old girl, she looks mighty fine for her age and would make an ideal show piece in any serious collection.

This bike is currently at our site in Japan and will be in the next container bound for the UK. Price is inclusive of all shipping costs, UK VAT, International Taxes, Customs Fees, Import Duty and UK mainland Delivery.

2023 HRC Grom Cup Racer

£5,000 BRAND NEW

Do not confuse this little gem as being a tricked up production Honda, they are built by HRC and not on the Honda production lines. Production numbers are very limited and HRC have announced there will be no more HRC Grom Cup Racers being built until at least the second half of 2024. These are proper little race bikes with all the usual HRC goodies and they sound absolutely incredible. The bike is brand new so obviously everything is pristine, it comes with the HRC setup disc and manuals. the eagle eyed will have noticed that this bike also the HRC optional upgraded footrests fitted, the standard footrest are included with the bike.

This bike is currently at our site in Japan and will be in the next container to leave, due in the UK in March. Price is inclusive of all shipping costs, UK VAT, International Taxes, Customs Fees, Import Duty and UK mainland Delivery.

1987 Honda RS125R NF4


The RS125R NF4 utterly dominated the 125cc GP class throughout the 80s and 90s giving Honda an enviable trophy cabinet. We love these little buzz bombs so much we race them ourselves. 1990 saw Loris Capirossi take his first World Championship title on his Honda HRC RS125R and Honda took the constructors title too. In fact only 2 riders were in the top ten that year that weren't aboard a Honda NF4 machine, proof positive of just how good these bikes are. Nice NF4s are getting harder to find now as sadly the Japanese turn these superb bikes into S80 class racers effectively junking these fantastic little racers. This bike was taken off sale earlier this year as we needed an extra bike for the Isle of Man Pre-TT races, and we chose this one. The bike now has a brand new crank, re-plated cylinder, new VHM piston kit, fully rebuilt front and rear brakes plus overhauled front suspension. This bike went on to set the fastest practice times, secured pole position and set the fastest race lap too. Sadly a failed spark plug robbed us of a victory. This bike has covered approximately 50 miles since the engine rebuild and with a fresh pair of tyres is ready to race. The bike is currently sporting the original spoked wheels or the 18" Tecnomagnesio`s if you prefer.


This bike is in the UK and available immediately.

1998 Kawasaki KSR80-II


This is our own paddock bike which we have been using at race meetings. Quite literally everyone in the team wants to use it and it has been know for the keys to "disappear" as team members try and monopolise it. She has covered a mere 2,140km from new and is wanting for nothing. The bike is NOVA registered.

This bike is in the UK and available immediately.

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